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Portfolios for Free

Invest socially and access thousands of high-performing, themed portfolios created by peers.

How It Works

Create an account and link your brokerage

Getting started with Endex is easy, just create an account and link your existing brokerage to start investing.

Connect with friends and discover your favorite investment content creators

Find a community of like-minded retail investors. On Endex you can invest with friends, family, coworkers, and the brightest minds in the investment community.

Copy top portfolios and invest with just a few clicks

Find and research new stocks, explore exciting trends in the stock market, and discover investable portfolios from talented traders that align with your interests and needs.

Product Features

Create and Share Custom Indexes

Creating and publishing a custom portfolio on Endex is as simple as making a music playlist. Endex enables you to customize your index’s privacy, stocks, weighting methodology, and rebalancing frequency, giving you the freedom to create the best shareable portfolios.

Discover and Copy Amazing Portfolios

Endex makes it easy to explore portfolios and strategies that match your investment appetite and ESG expectations. Search for an Endex based on your preferred parameters or simply discover one in your feed!

Easily Monetize Your Content

No need to collect ad revenue and tips from a spectrum of generalized content platforms.
Take control subscription and gratuity revenue today with our intuitive, transparent, and generous monetization model.

Compete on the Leaderboard

Compete against other endexers for the top performing endex and earn money for creating a top custom index or use the Endex Leaderboard to discover the best portfolios to copy.

Interact and Gauge Sentiment Through Chat

Create group chats with your new investment community or join ticker- and endex-specific chats to gauge market sentiment in real time and see why other investors are buying or selling the stocks you are interested in.

See What Your Friends Are Investing In

Follow your friends and family to see what and why they’re investing in and hone your skills and intuition while doing so. Motivate yourself to stay informed by the possibility of bragging rights for your stellar returns.

A Platform for Every Investor


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Endex is the simplest, most reliable way to mimic top portfolios and connect with like-minded investors based on your personal values.

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Endex provides the most transparent, organized, and actionable ways of monetizing investment content and managing audiences.

Earn Better



Endex makes it easy to share your investment strategies and ideas, create investable portfolios, and establish your track record as a successful trader.

Be Heard

See Endex in Action

What is Endex?
Endex is a social investment platform that facilitates the convenient creation, publication and investment in custom index-like portfolios. Endex allows retail investors to connect on the topic of investing and provides a place where beginners can learn and find new investment strategies to emulate. Endex also provides a space where rising star traders and investment influencers can come to hone their skills, monetize their content, and engage with their followers and community in ways not possible on existing platforms.
How can I monetize my content on Endex?

At Endex, we believe that the creators and investors who add value to the community deserve to receive some of that value back, so we make monetizing your content extremely easy. There are currently four ways to monetize your content on Endex—endex publication, subscriptions, tips andspecial competitions—and our team in constantly thinking of ways to provide more value to our creators.

Endex Publication: Every week, month, quarter and year we rank the top performing endexes based on performance and social metrics. Top performing Endex creators will be paid a prize amount, with the amount increasing as the time horizon increases. Anyone who creates an Endex and publically publishes it is automatically included in the rankings and payout consideration with no extra work on your part.

Subscriptions: On Endex, users will be able to both follow and subscribe to other users. Following someone is free and subscribing is paid. Users will be able to decide which aspects of their profile/portfolio, if any, are available to only their subscribers. Users with subscribers will be given a monthly payout based on subscriber count.

Tips: Any user can give or receive voluntary tips to other users on the platform.

Special Competitions: Endex occasionally hosts special competitions that boast a monetary prize for different groups within our app’s community, e.g. beginner investor or university investment club competitions.

Who can create and publish custom indexes?
Is Endex a broker dealer?
No, Endex is not a broker dealer. Endex is a broker-agnostic platform that enables users to experience both the social and technical aspects of trading on one platform without getting rid of their existing broker dealer.

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