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Facilitating actionable dialogue between all investors

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the investing experience for retail investors from start to finish.
By providing investors with the opportunity to create and copy high-performing, custom portfolios at no cost and the ability to discover, research, discuss, and trade on a single platform, we aim to flatten the learning curve and reduce the hurdle to start investing, as well as provide experienced investors with the tools refine their skills and increase returns.

Our Team

Guided by leading industry experts and run by ambitious young professionals, Endex’s team is well-equipped to create this platform

  • Brittany Wright

    CEO & Co-Founder

    "I think Endex will change the way people invest for generations to come."

  • Kevin Loo

    CFO & Co-Founder

    "Five years from now no one will make a trade without first checking Endex."

  • Patrick Roach


    "I promise you we will be set up to be not just an innovative app, but an innovative tech company in the future."

  • Jeff Horvath

    Regulatory Advisor

    "Here to ensure smooth sailing."

  • Alex Zhang

    Technical Advisor

    "With Endex's game-changing technology, everyone will be able to invest like a pro."

  • Israel Catz

    Product Advisor

    "I am excited to be an Endex user so that I can follow thoughtful and successful investors who share my values!"

  • Andy Chen

    R&D Intern

    "Custom indexing is the most exciting development in traditional equity fintech space."

  • Callum Nicholson

    BD Intern

    "Endex is the future of investing - guiding users through the investing experience from start to finish."

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